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Hub Culture Acquires Stake in Alternet Systems, Inc. using Ven Digital Currency

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Hub Culture today announced in Barcelona it has acquired a stake inĀ Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB:ALYI), an accelerator of high growth opportunities in digital currency and mobile commerce services. The deal is the first ever acquisition of a public company stake using Ven as the value metric for purchase.

2014 Outlook Report: Digital Asset Funds Continue Growth Trajectory

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Hub Culture has released a 2014 Outlook Report regarding the status of its digital asset portfolios, including funds and pools in the realm of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ven, Litecoin and other digital assets.

Hub Culture 2014 Zeitgeist Ranking

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London, Rio de Janeiro and Miami take the top spots in Hub Culture's 2014 Zeitgeist Ranking, with lots of strange new arrivals on the list.

Shalom to Tel Aviv, Bangkok and Black Rock City!

Gen Cryo: The Open Source Family - 1.00 Ven

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Families are changing, and so are the ways people make them.