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Welcome to Hub Westminster, a community collaboration led by the City of Westminster, The Hub, Hub Culture, the Education Foundation and other stakeholders. This super studio in the heart of London is building innovation and collaboration for the city and our network of stakeholders.

Hub Culture London Pavilion
Hub Westminster
1st floor @ New Zealand House
80 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4TQ

interface: http://hub.vg/london

Tel. +44 207 148 6720

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Bitcoin Ven Combined Virtual Currency Fund
Donation: TUSK

Donation: TUSK

1,000.00 Ven - ?

Hub Culture DJ Service: Blonde Ambition
Hub Culture Handyman Service
Knowledge Brokerage: Electronic Press Kit
Knowledge Brokerage: Executive Coaching
Knowledge Brokerage: Social Media Setup
Knowledge Brokerage: Technology / 1 Hour
Knowledge Brokerage: Technology Question
Knowledge Brokerage: Tech Services
Knowledge Brokerage: Wealth Management
Knowledge Brokerage: Website Integration to Facebook Connect
Knowledge Brokerage: Wikipedia Entry + Citations
Knowledge Brokerage: Wikipedia Entry Basic
Little Emperors & Co - Privilege Card
Locker Rental / Overnight
Mailbox & Scanning Service

Mailbox & Scanning Service

1,058.63 Ven - ?

Membership: Hub Westminster 100 (Up & Running Tariff)
Membership: Hub Westminster 30 (Startup Tariff)
Membership: Hub Westminster 30 (Up & Running Tariff)
Membership: Hub Westminster UNLTD (Startup Tariff)
Membership: Individual Global
Method / All purpose non-toxic cleaner- French Lavender
Method / Laundry Detergent - Free + Clear
Method / Laundry Detergent - Fresh Air
Method / Laundry Detergent- Peony Blossom
Method / Multi-surface Cleaner- Sea Minerals
Method / Squirt + Mop Hard floor cleaner
Method / Window and glass microfiber cloth
Nissan Leaf SL

Nissan Leaf SL

254,451.94 Ven - ?

Organic dried mango

Organic dried mango

0.32 Ven - ?

Pavilion House Wines

Pavilion House Wines

237.08 Ven - ?

Personal Call Answering Business Growth
Personal Call Answering Business Pro
Personal Call Answering Business Starter


10.00 Ven - ?

Reservation: The Strategy Lab 'per day' (Startup Tariff)

San Pellegrino

20.00 Ven - ?

Taschen: Collecting Contemporary
Tateossian / Bracelet / 'Scoubidou' Silver & Leather
Tateossian / Bracelet / Forest Bubble
Tateossian / Cufflinks / RT Animal Stiffbars - Crocodile
Tateossian / Cufflinks / RT Checker Square
Tateossian / Cufflinks / Silver Rotating Cylinder
Tateossian / Cufflinks / Silver Timeless Round
Tateossian / Earrings / Forest Bubble
Tateossian / Ring / Amazonite Pebble
Tateossian / Sterling Silver Classic Bangle
Ticket: Future Contemporaries Party 2012
Ticket: Liquidity ~ The Summit on New Finance
Tray of assorted pastries
Unpacked Burned Sugar Fudge
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

385.00 Ven - ?

Vitamins: Oxylent

Vitamins: Oxylent

350.00 Ven - ?

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